about ledouche*

Why? Because fuck you, that's why.

ledouche* is an independent clothing company from Long Island, New York. We’re a bunch of satirical fucks and it shows in every item we create.

Originally nothing more than a joke back in 2008, ledouche* has grown in to a small company with a focus on creating quality goods with a DIY ethic in mind. Our shirts are printed by hand on a manual press; metal and glass items are hand-etched. If we can produce an item in-house, we do. If not, we partner with other small businesses that have a common view on quality and self-sufficiency.

Who the fuck?

The minds behind ledouche* grew up at a time of great social, economic and political change – and fuck ups. We were raised during a time of civil unrest, nuclear threats, terrorism, presidential blowjobs; all of which contribute to the lens through in which we see the world. Throw in a good dose of 90’s hip-hop and hardcore, skate & BMX culture, and a love for the arts, and you have a basic idea of who we are.

Matthew Fox, “the brains” behind ledouche* (pictured above,) and a small group of like-minded individuals conceive, produce, and ultimately make the goods featured on this site available to the world.

Questions? Death Threats?

Have a question? Ask that shit, son. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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